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Since it's origin in 1979, DormSupply.com operating as Campus Carpets has been providing university organizations a means to make their students campus lives as comfortable as possible. We have been working with Residence Hall Associations, Departments of Residential Life and other university organizations to sponsor on-campus carpet and small appliance sales. Students at campuses all over the country, are able to purchase top quality products for their dorm rooms at prices considerably lower than can be found in the local stores. Most importantly, our on-campus sales and delivery locations make it more convenient than ever to make your room like home. No more running all over town to find the right area rug or small appliance.

Below is a list of some of the schools we have conducted either on or off campus sales:


University of Georgia

Georgia Institute of Technology

University of Maryland

University of Miami

University of North Carolina

University of Arkansas

University of South Carolina

University of Tennessee

Texas A&M University

University of Virginia

Georgia Southern